Rhythm of Resilience

Rhythm of Resilience

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Lotus Collective featuring Clerel, AIZA, HAWA, Dragan Teodosiev, Elena Mejia Julca, Nazim Elnur, Marija Papić Đurić, Messaouda, Monica Para, Sarah Nayil, Pamela Caravias and Frank O’Sullivan Produced by: Caulder Nash, Doc.Mad and Lou Piensa


To respond to the unemployment of artists due to the COVID-19, and to use the medium of art as a powerful form of cross-border connection and communication, Lotus Collective led the creation of an international and multilingual song. ROR is a remote, international collaboration of 9 vocalists/rappers, 3 musicians and 3 producers, all from underrepresented backgrounds and communities.
As the pandemic has further exacerbated social and economic inequalities and has posed serious threats to the poorest and most vulnerable: children; the message of ROR is a CALL to all civil society actors to protect children and socially deprived communities affected by the pandemic. ROR is representative not only of Canadian diversity, but of unity in global diversity, and features the following languages: English, French, Somalian Arabic, Spanish, Haïtian Créole and Serbian.
Release Date
April 24, 2020

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