Right Now

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Lotus Collective, for Girls Action Foundation (GAF)
Featuring Sam I Am Montolla, Meryem Saci, Nora Toutain, Naïka Champaïgne, Gabi Tomé, Sam Sylvestre, Valerie L.- Guillemette
“Right Now” celebrates the GAF community and its initiatives over the past 25 years. A joyful and uplifting tone was crafted in order to inspire and connect young womyn as well as build a sense of resilience and community support. The traditions of hip-hop, soul and r&b were woven onto a foundational beat that is accessible to a wide range of musical tastes. “Right Now” showcases the talents and work of young BIPOC artists from the Montreal community.
Release Date
April 24, 2020
Jack Johnes, Monna Withe, Routh, dj Sample

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