September 13, 2020 at 7pm
Howard Park, Montreal, QC
Organized By
Brique x Brique, Afrique au féminin

About event

“Parc-ex en direct” hosted by @briquexbrique and @afriqueaufeminincdf brought together families (especially women) from diverse cultural backgrounds to discuss issues facing their communities. Brave souls took turns voicing worries related to COVID, immigration statuses, separated families, and racism and were met with attention and empathy.
With and through music, the young and old explored their curiosity and openness towards each others’ cultures.
@monicapara @beautyisafeeling and @gi_mart performed a bossa-nova version of the LOTUS original “My Mamma Made Me” and it featured the most incredible artists of all: these youngsters who proudly declared “My Mamma Made Me” and “I am beautiful”.
We are proud of where we come from. We thank those who brought us here. We share this gratitude from the bottom of our hearts and with our strongest voices.
#community #montreal #parcex #parcextension #diversity #inclusion #empowerment
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