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Lotus Collective is an equity-seeking music production entity that catalyzes the talent of female/femme/non-binary individuals. We create gender-specific spaces of mutual exchange and support, contract performance and recording opportunities, and provide educational services such as workshops, training, and mentorship. We are community builders who strive for longevity in the relationships we establish.

Lotus Collective est une maison de production musicale et d’incubation de talent de femmes et de personnes non-binaires. Notre mission est d’améliorer la visibilité de ces groupes sous-représentés dans l’industrie de la musique. Nous offrons des opportunités de travail dans le milieu du spectacle et de production ainsi que des services éducatifs tels que des ateliers, des formations et du mentorat. Nous créons des espaces d’échange et de communication afin de soutenir le développement artistique de chaque personne. Nous croyons à la force de la communauté et aspirons à la longévité dans les relations que nous établissons.

E d u c a t i o n

By building trust through transformative creative experiences, we take the first leap of faith on amateur and professional musicians in the domains in which they wish to grow. We provide a space of belief in potential and cultivate confidence through the power of our co-created community. We share knowledge, resources and opportunities. We help our members create quality artistic content without judging them in the messy, uncomfortable, off-key, failure-ridden process.


Past & Future Events

29 Sep

WKND 99,5 fm

13 Sep

Jeanne-Mance Park, Montreal, QC

13 Sep

Howard Park, Montreal, QC

01 Jan

Maison 2109, Montreal, QC

08 Mar

Le Ministère, Montreal, QC

16 May

McGill Metro Station, Montreal, QC

27 Oct

Mindful Bar, Montreal, QC

18 Sep

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montreal, QC

30 Oct

Bootlegger, L'Authentique, Montreal, QC


The Lotus Collective talents

The first time I performed with Lotus Collective was the first time that I had ever performed with a majority of women on stage. Performing with Lotus gives me a sense of validation, inspiration and hope. I am grateful that Lotus has connected me in the music scene and through them I have gained numerous professional opportunities which have helped grow my musical career.

Gabi Tomé Guitarist, Singer

I have had the honor of collaborating with various members of the LOTUS collective in various settings; from recording sessions to shared live performances to the classic community throw-down, I have been inspired by their commitment to uplifting and showcasing female/femme/non-binary voices in a creative, community-oriented way. This calling is no better illustrated than by the resourcefulness and kindness of its individual members, and I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to work with and learn from them.

Clerel Performer

"I had a great experience working with the ladies from the Collective, being super attentive and always willing to work as a unit. Glad I was a part of creating, producing and forming connection with other amazing women this summer!"

Sam I Am Montolla Singer, Dancer, Producer-Beat Maker, Educator

"LOTUS c'est un collectif qui t'accueille les bras ouverts, peu importe d'où tu viens. Ce collectif m'a permis de rencontrer d'excellentes musiciennes. Chacune s'encourage et je suis sûre que LOTUS saura en inspirer plusieurs autres!"

Pamela Caravias Bassist

"I have worked with Lotus a bunch of different times either through Rap Battle for Social Justice, with Strange Froots and with my solo music or collaboration with them to feature on one of their songs and it's been amazing to jam with fellow women and femmes who are musicians, singers, mcs and who create shit from scratch!"

Naïka Champaïgne (she/her/elle) Musician, Singer-songwriter, Community Organizer, Activity Coordinator

"My first professional musical performance was with Lotus Collective. Marcelle believed in my potential as a singer before I even believed it myself. This opportunity changed the course of my artistic career... actually, it started mapping one out for me."

Monica Paraghamian LOTUS Co-founder


We are community builders who strive for longevity in the relationships we establish.
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